Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Great Arete Midweek Series Round 8

In the words of the legendary Fred Dibnah,”Did you like that?”

I discovered this course while working locally but when I told Ellie about it she said, no,cant be done,but hey what do I know,I’m just a hick builder, the rest is history!

Luckily 4 Matt the steep climbs ran out and he was able 2 get away from Rob G, & Chris while Tim Tân had a ‘scorcher’ 2 end Paul Jenks unbeaten 1st M40 run,what r these firemen on?,must b all junior racerunning up and down ladders rescueing all those damsels in distress!.In the M50 Arwel took advantage of SPJ’s holiday hangover by 2 seconds (11th &12th),Callum the u/16 (13th) & DWT the o/60 in 28th.

In the ladies Andrea, (14th)following her leading the ladies to 3rd team at Tebay British champs the previous sat, comfortably held off Kat (20th) (also a counter) and Miranda (25th) with Annie (27th) (also @ Tebay) taking the F40 and Lisa (50th)the U16.

In the C’fon Tyres John and Kes continued their winning ways while Catrin took her big sisters scalp for the 1st time.

Last round next week @ the Heights Llanberis, new route(again) followed by free soup & the series prizegiving for adults and juniors, don’t miss it, if u don’t intend running I have a job 4 u,call me! Mike.

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