Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Moel Wnion 2009

As results won't be out for months!!, I'll try a quick report.

Good weather with a stiff breeze meant a quick race though a new start and finish at the outdoor centre meant a different set of times, although race was probably the same length the initial climb had been removed, therefore I'd guess a quicker route?

Anyway as I recall it was a win for Brendon Taylor of Rossendale with Math Roberts 2nd and a welcome return for Alun Vaughan in 3rd. Paul Jenks a good 2nd vet 40 behind Geran Abergele and Russell Owen in 3rd. A superb win and run by back in fast form SPJ in the vet 50's with Iwan Edgard 2nd vet 50, and another win for supervet Don W in the 60's. In the ladies Andrea R and Becky Law were 1st and 2nd, with Annie Williams, I think, first vet 40 and supervet Maggie Oliver first vet 60.

Cheers James McQ once again!

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  1. Thanks James. Why does it take longer for the results to be posted than in previous years please?