Friday, 10 April 2009

Great Arette Midweek Series - Moel Tryfan

Well what a night that was, shorts and sun when I set out the course in the afternoon and wellies and waterproofs for the race, how so many records got broken I’ll never know!

Due to
A) an unprecedented 100 runners turning up;
B) the atrocious recording conditions; and
C) my inability to cope
means that only the bare bones of the results are available at this moment.

Rob Samuels, 2nd last year, took 23 seconds off the record to win 17.54 ahead of Matt Roberts 18.24, Alun Vaughan 18.41 and Rob Greenwood 19.14 .

1st vet 40 was John Williacy 20.22 (new record), SPJ was 1st vet 50 20.47 (new record), Dafydd Whiteside was 1st vet 60 23.37 (new record) and Calum Musket took the 1st under 16 in 11th place in 20.26 (5 seconds outside his record, must try harder).

In the ladies Becky Law won in 21.55, 37 seconds inside Andrea’s record (Andrea’s last race as a spinster and “Blake’s Babe” before she gets married on Saturday), Annie Williams 1st over 40 in 24.24 (new record), Bridget Ripley first vet 50 in 26.54 (new record), Maggie Oliver 1st vet 60 in 28.03 whilst Lisa Peters won the under 16’s in 24.40.

Due to the recording conditions a provisional result sheet will be available at Foel Lus but I will need the runners help in ascertaining the true times and positions.

Thanks to those who braved the conditions to stand on the mountain and to cheer on your kids and Alison Donnelly, bless her heart, without whom I wouldn’t have the timings that we have got and to Fron School, still under threat of closure, for hosting us.

The Caernarfon Tyre’s Junior Races

During the process of some senior runners retrieving they’re clothing from my car the junior time’s are now spread over Rhosgadfan mountain, but the positions are:

1st under 8 was Kes Thomas

1st Rhys James (u14)
2nd John Spill (u12)
3rd Anthony Granton (u12)
4th Jessica Williams (u16)
5th Megan Lloyd (u14)
6th Callum Porter Jones (u14)
7th Bronwen Jenkinson (u12)
8th Barney Broath (u14)
9th Michael Peters (u12)
10th Jack Williams (u12)
11th Clare Donnely (u14)
12th Catrin Donnely (u10)
13th Daniel Peters (u14)

Due to the mayhem none of the children got they’re traditional goodies, see me at Foel Lus kids.

Mike, must do better, Blake

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  1. Hey Mike, I think you did a sterling job. I can't imagine anyone else matching it, so thanks very much. Your efforts are very much appreciated. It was a crazy race, weather-wise, but great fun.
    Gary PJ