Monday, 8 March 2010

High Peak Marathon

This weekend Sarah and I ran the High Peak Marathon, a 40 mile fell race around the derwent watershed at night. I was running for High Peak Rollerbladers, a team from Glossopdale Harriers, whilst Sarah was running for her new club, Dark Peak, with Mahogny Ridge Runners.

We finished in 9:29:20, 1 second ahead of 3rd placed in 9:29:21, but unfortunately do not get a placing due a team member having to retire after 8 hrs. Sarah's team finished in 10:47:02, 2nd mixed team.

For me it goes down in the "hard day at the office" category. The plan was fly back from the US overnight, sleep in the day, set off at 11pm fresh..didn't work out that way, felt shattered from the off and just tagged on to the back of my team mates. 2 ultras and a marathon in 21 days was overkill.. After 8 hrs or so I finally seemed to wake up. Sarah started off with a stomach issue, but finished strongly.

A great event, very hard going with deep snow on the Bleaklow section.


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