Friday, 22 May 2009


Hello all,
Hope you are well. Hope you can help! - Myself and a fellow Vale Royal Athletics club member, Mark Thornley, are set to do something which is likely to prove quite a challenge for us! Our aim is to cycle from Land's End to John o'Groats in 15 days. Starting in Cornwall on 4 July 2009 and (hopefully!) finishing in North East Scotland on 18 July 2009. As a non-cyclists our target of covering 900 plus miles (exact distance is dependent on the reliability of our Sat Nav!) is not likely to prove too easy, so to try and help us keep focused on getting to the end we have decided to raise money for charity. Mark's dad has for many years suffered from Dystonia (which is similar to Parkinson's Disease). There are 40,000 Dystonia sufferers in the UK, and it affects people of all ages (2,000 sufferers are under 16!). Like a lot of medical charities the Dystonia Society relies on voluntary donations and individual fundraisers to fund all of the work that they do for people affected by the disease. The Societies aims are to provide mutual support for those who suffer, and to raise awareness of the condition through education and the promotion of research. It needs money to do all of these. So we are looking for sponsors!! Could you put something on to your website, if possible, please?Our justgiving site is - We also have a blog - which will hopefully keep people informed and entertained! . See you all in Wales
Thanks. Dave

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