Monday, 14 September 2009

Adrian & I managed to win the mixed category at this fantastic mountain marathon last w/e, & finished 3rd overall - all due to his cunning route choice, & nothing to do with our fitness!! It's a two day (6 hrs + 6 hrs) score event, held anually in The Haute Savoie, & well worth putting in your dairy. See for more details. We were out for 5 hrs 57 mins on day one, & 5 hrs 55 mins on day two, so we didn't waste any time or incurr penalties. Alcahol was offered to all the competitors round the campfire as usual at the overnight camp, the weather was fantastic, & there were no midges. We came home with new walking/skiing poles, T-shirts & wine, which made up for the fact that on the LAMM, we were beaten into 2nd place in the mixed category, by pair who finished with the same number of points as us, but in a slightly faster time, & on the SLMM, we were beaten into 2nd place in the vets category, by a pair of 'elderly gentlemen' whose vets handicap meant that they had 4 hrs knocked of their total time! Maybe if Adrian & I keep doing the SLMM together, we'll come home with a prize in 10 years time when we're seriously old gits............
Ellie Salisbury

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