Thursday, 28 January 2010


I am currently carrying out research at Bangor University, I am in need of participants
and I was wondering if your club could help. The research being carried out is to look at the cardiac
adaptations of fell runners using ultrasound. The procedure is completely harmless and only
requires the participant to lie down whilst a probe is placed on the chest to gain an ultrasonic
image of the heart. The study will take no longer than 1 hour, but would require participants
Coming to the Bangor University Sports Health and Exercise Science department. Details of
the heart dimensions such as wall thicknesses and chamber dimensions will be recorded. I am
looking for male participants between the ages of 18&50 who are regularly active in the sport
of fell running, who preferably have been training for over 2 years, and who or have competed
at a national or international level. If anyone shows interest in being a participant could you
please give them my contact details so I can find more information about their involvement
and hopefully arrange a time slot for the study. Not only will the participants be able to gain a
detailed analysis of the size of the heart as a direct result of their sport, they will also be
involved in research surrounding fell running, which I’m sure you are aware of is currently
Lacking. A couple of National level runners at the university have already been selected for this
study and I hope you will be able to help in finding more participants.Thank you for your time, Kind regards, Jack Sharkey. (Mob; 07858828156, Email

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