Thursday, 23 July 2009

Râs y Tren Caernarfon Race the Train

The results of Wednesday night's race are available by following this link. Many apologies for any typos, which are due to double handling of entry information. Some names have spellings previously unknown to mankind, but Mr Blake will doubtless be able to placate disgruntled competitors.

No he wont,they should have written their names legibly! My!! moan was with those runners who hadnt pre-entered,ignored the "race full" signs and hung around like herring gulls waiting 2 pounce on anyone with their arms in plaster or saying the magic words,'my friend isnt coming',next year will be pre-entry only or £50 on the night,b warned!
Thanx 2 all the helpers again who judging by all the compliments recieved made it a success, the highland railway 4 juggling their timetable,Express Motors,Gwynedd Council,Inigo Jones,Gilly and Ioan @ Cofi Roc and Tesco 4 once again providing goody bags for the 30+ juniors.
A fine win 4 Rob overall but how close was Izzy?,1 second off the record , next year lass!.Fair play on Travis Perkins manager Andrew Craig who stepped in at the 11th hour to run with the blind Elfyn Evans recording 25.51 and helping the 'Travis Trotters' take the K2 case of beer for 1st non athletic team,thats what its all about! If u didnt get your coaster on the night i carry them with me so see me!

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